The Defenders #123

    The Defenders » The Defenders #123 - Of Elves and Androids! released by Marvel on September 1983.

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    The Elf sends the Defenders off on a mission of interdimensional conquest!

    We now discover that when the Elf shot the original Defenders last issue, it was really sending them on a mysterious interdimensional journey they cannot control.

    The Elf shows back up at the Tribunal, where he meets his brother and the Luann Bloom robot. She tries to argue back against the Tribunal so they turn her off.

    Meanwhile, the Beast, who now wants to turn the Defenders into a permanent team, flies off to see if the Vision and Scarlet Witch, who only just an issue or two ago explained that they don't want to be superheroes any more, would like to join.

    The Elf goes off to meet the original Defenders and explains that they are journeying through time itself. Although immensely frustrated with his disagreeable personality, they follow him.

    Meanwhile in Asgard, Odin tells Valkyrie that he would like her to help Moondragon learn to overcome her ego and live on Earth among "mortals" as she and Thor have learned to do.

    Beast, Iceman, Gargoyle, and the Vision and Scarlet Witch enjoy a nice meal while Vision once again explains that they don't want to be on a team. Their meal is then interrupted by the attack of Cloud, Harridan, and Seraph, who want to capture Vision for the Secret Empire. After a difficult battle, Gargoyle defeats them.

    The Elf finally brings the original Defenders to their destination: a nearly-destroyed Earth in the 24th century. As he says, "you four jerks caused it!"


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