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Hank McCoy gets a brand new puppy named Sassafras. Plus, the Elf With a Gun begins his reign of terror!

The Defenders relegate the now-depowered and mostly-sane Miracle Man into the custody of Father Gosset, who will help him focus on peaceful thoughts in the monastery.

Daimon plans to stay there too, until Patsy declares her love for him, which she now can see after basically rejecting him a few issues ago. Daimon runs back to her, finally fulfilled after a very lengthy series of difficult existential experiences, and they all leave together.

Beast buys a dog, Sassafrass, who continues in the Defenders' lives for a long time.

Daimon and Patsy announce that they're getting married. Everyone is happy except Dolly and Valkyrie. Dolly is basically worried about losing Patsy, but Patsy says she'll have Dolly come out to live with them after they find a new home.

Val, on the other hand, feels betrayed by her best friend, and especially after just reconciling with Patsy a few issues ago when Patsy felt that Val was too different from her old self. She flies off on Aragorn without speaking to Patsy.

Meanwhile, Dr. Strange is surprised to see Namor, the Silver Surfer, and the Hulk, who all say that Strange summoned them. An Elf appears, and says that he tricked them into coming. He zaps them all with his gun.

Daimon and Patsy drive off, and the still-distraught Val returns just in time to give them a celebratory wave.

Inside, Beast is overjoyed to get a ton of fan mail, as well as a visitor--Iceman! He is on a break from college and decides to stay for a while.

Val, pondering her life going forward, is interrupted by a magical call from Odin, who needs her in Asgard. She leaves to help him.

The remaining Defenders and friends go out for dinner, where they run into Beast's oft-ignored girlfriend, Vera, who breaks up with him. Nevertheless, the rest of them bond in continued friendship and toast the future. Dolly suggests to Beast that he turn the infamously non-team of the Defenders into a formal team.


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