The Defenders #12

    The Defenders » The Defenders #12 - The Titan Strikes Back! released by Marvel on February 1974.

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    When Xemnu the Titan takes out the Hulk, it's up to the might of the Defenders to defeat the alien menace.

    The Hulk wanders through a forest, relaxed by its peaceful nature...until that very nature unexpectedly starts to attack him! Rocks and tree branches hurl themselves at him furiously until he hears a voice call him out. It belongs to Xemnu, the furry white alien Titan. He knocks Hulk out with a psychic blast, but not before Hulk sends a psychic warning to Dr. Strange.

    Back in Greenwich Village, Strange presents Valkyrie with a new sword, Dragonfang, to replace the Ebony Blade that she returned to the Black Knight last issue. However, she wants to leave the Defenders just as everyone else did last issue. She wants to find out about the life of Barbara Norriss, whose body she inhabits. However, just as she explains this, Strange gets Hulk's message. The two of them fly off to help.

    They follow his trail to a small town, Plucketville. They magically disguise themselves as normal folk and ask the local mayor for help. He tells them that they found the Hulk and have him in an alley. Val and Strange look for him, but are suddenly magically trapped in the alley, with an enchanted steamroller bearing down on them and pipes wrapping themselves around them.

    Val breaks free and destroys the steamroller. They emerge from the alley to find the townspeople all collected together, under Xemnu's psionic control. The mob knocks them out.

    Back in New York, a man in a trenchcoat talks with Wong--he needs the Defenders' help, but is told they are not there.

    Strange and Val wake up trapped once again in pipes. The mayor turns out to be Xemnu himself. He is psychically blocking Strange's ability to use his spells. Xemnu destroys the facade of the town hall, revealing a space ship underneath. He plans to take the townspeople to his planet and repopulate it.

    Strange manages to send a psychic message to the Hulk, who as it turns out was imprisoned in the statue in the town square. His anger protects him from Xemnu's blasts. Xemnu flies off on a telekinetically-lifted piece of rubble, but Hulk throws the rocket at him, which connects in a huge explosion.

    As they walk away, Strange finally convinces Hulk that they are all friends.



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