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Overmind casts visions into the mind of Doctor Strange. But is Overmind actually the one responsible?

Overmind (inhabited by the minds of 6 psychics including the late Kyle Richmond's ex-girlfriend Mindy) runs across Dr. Strange pining over his currently star-crossed love affair with Clea. Overmind shows Strange a number of recent scenes in the lives of the other Defenders to help him see the positive side of love.

In these visions, Vision and and Scarlet Witch leave for their home in New Jersey, trying for the umpteenth time in recent days to avoid being superheroes and live a quiet married life. Various people in the Defender family flirt with each other and pair off: Gargoyle and Dolly Donahue, Beast and Vera, and Valkyrie and Namor. Hellcat and Damian Hellstrom come home.

It turns out, however, that not all is well: Vera is annoyed with Beast's lack of seriousness; Namor rejects Val after a brief romantic swim, due to his memory of Dorma; and Patsy rejects Damian after he declares his love for her (or at least that's how he takes it). He flies away.

Finally Strange watches Gargoyle (who has an old human's soul) and the elderly Dolly talk about love as a form of friendship, which lasts long beyond the quick passion of romance. Strange flies back to see the others and shoots off a fireworks-like display of mystical love into the air, bringing everyone together.


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