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Null the Living Darkness seeks to evolve into a higher form, and who better to join forces with than the despicable Overmind?

Third in a series about the Squadron Supreme, Overmind, Kyle Richmond, and Null the Living Darkness.

Null explains how, after the Defenders defeated him recently, he was defeated again by Ghost Rider, and realized he still needed to evolve to a more powerful form. He sought out Overmind, whose mind, like his, was composed by the minds of an entire race. The Earth-616 Overmind had been sent to the Microverse by the Stranger, and went insane. Null took him over and brought him out of the Microverse, but accidentally went to Earth-S instead of Earth-616. He decided it didn't matter which universe he took over, and stayed.

They took over the mind of President Kyle Richmond and then conquered Earth-S.

The Defenders and the no-longer-mind-controlled Squadron, with the help of the coalesced 6 powerful telepaths from our Earth, led by the mind of Mindy Williams, battle Null, but he seems unstoppable. Mindy finally gets them to all mystically join their souls, with her as the lead, and as one being they continue to battle Null. Null, however, is still draining energy from the powerful Overmind, and continually knocks back their assaults. Finally in one last attack they merge with him and get him to see the good in himself, as the race that he is composed of were originally benevolent, and he is destroyed.

Mindy and the other telepaths now take over the body of Overmind. Nighthawk realizes that he isn't really the Kyle Richmond from Earth-616, he's really the President Richmond of Earth-S! August Masters' mind breaks from the revelation.


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