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Second issue in a series involving the Squadron Supreme, Overmind, and Kyle Richmond.

Overmind, in the Squadron Supreme's universe, has the Squadron working (under mind control) to build his moon base. Kyle Richmond, who is the President of the US in that dimension, is his seeming mental slave. Hidden away on the base is August Masters, from the 616 universe. He was brought here right before the explosion that seemed to kill him a few issues ago by a mysterious force. He wants revenge on Richmond and Overmind for what they've done to his beloved country in this dimension.

The Defenders plan how to stop Overmind. Silver Surfer and Vision go off to the moon. Meanwhile Mindy, the psychic former girlfriend of Kyle Richmond in 616 appears in an energy body; she is now the combined consciousness of the 6 telepaths that Masters had captured, and had been presumed dead. She says that they were able to save themselves and Kyle from the explosion and came to the Squadron's universe, then brought the Defenders here to help.

Surfer and Vision battle the mind-controlled Squadron. The rest of the Defenders appear and help, and the Squadron is vanquished. Then the Overmind comes out and starts beating on the Defenders.

Meanwhile Masters finds President Richmond and shoots him in the head. The Defender Richmond finds his Earth-S counterpart's body, only to discover that he's not really human--he is just a husk for Null, the Living Darkness. Null erupts out of the fake-President-Richmond to attack, while the Overmind falls to the ground, seemingly mindless.


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