The Defenders #106

    The Defenders » The Defenders #106 - The War To End All Wars! released by Marvel on April 1982.

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    The Defenders race against time to stop a sinister plot that involves using the world's psychics to incite World War III! But to save the Earth, which Defenders must pay the ultimate price?

    Dr. Strange has a psychic premonition that the Defenders are in trouble. He asks for help, and soon Daimon Hellstrom, Beast, and Daredevil arrive. Daredevil is actually there to tell them how he and the Defenders were gassed by faux-government agents.

    Strange finds the others via his magic, and they take off for Colorado.

    There, August Masters tells Nighthawk about his plan: he has hooked up Kyle's friend Mindy, and several other powerful psychics, to a machine which, when activated, will destroy the minds of everyone in the Soviet Union, thereby winning the Cold War. He is using the other Defenders, as well as Captain America, as living batteries for the machine. (This issue ties in with Captain America 264 and 268.)

    Strange and his companions arrive. With the help of Hellstrom's magic trident and Daredevil's senses, they find Master's base, and try to tunnel down to it, but it is protected by adamantium. When some guards come out to investigate, the Defenders magically make themselves look like guards too, and simply walk into the base.

    They are discovered, and split up. Beast and Daredevil find the other captive Defenders, and Strange is knocked out. However, Kyle Richmond's mind has been taken over by the psychics, who are aware of their subjugation. He sets the base to self-destruct.

    Strange wakes up and Kyle tells him to leave, taking the other heroes with him. Kyle and the psychics must stay to ensure the base's destruction. Strange teleports away, and the base explodes.


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