The Defenders #10

    The Defenders » The Defenders #10 - Breakthrough! released by Marvel on November 1973.

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    Defenders Vs. Avengers (the Evil Eye), Chapters 9 and 10. Thor Vs. Hulk! The teams finally unite.

    Continued from The Avengers #117

    Continues in The Avengers #118

    Hulk is in Los Angeles, looking for a piece of the Evil Eye under a sorcerous prompt from Dr. Strange. He finds it, but Thor arrives and wants to take it. They fight, with the advantage switching back and forth, until they eventually start to grapple with each other's arms, holding in place for an hour with neither gaining an advantage.

    Back in New York, Dr. Strange and the Defenders have gathered three pieces of the Eye and are ready to put it together. Namor comes in, with the Avengers. He explains that when he fought Cap and Starfire, they told him that they had heard that the Defenders are trying to destroy humanity and are working for Loki.

    The two teams decide to stop fighting and start talking. They all decide to go to Los Angeles to stop Thor and Hulk from battling. They break them up, but then they are robbed of the Evil Eye parts by one of Dormammu's creatures.

    Dormammu then appears in a hologram, threatening to take over the world.


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