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    Better than Dawn of Justice, just sayin'

    I just saw Dawn of Justice, and no offence to all of it's fans, but dang... that was not very good. But this is not a movie review, it's a comic review, and that movie got me in the mood for sharing my opinions and thoughts on the so-called best-selling graphic novel of all time.

    The story is about Superman, the man of steel, big-red-s-guy, tking on a seemingly unstoppable threat, a massive, bloodthirsty beast dubbed Doomsday, that desires only to extinguish all life before him. their fight takes them to a farm town, Metropolis... some grassy places. And even the JLA get involved, and there are some things going on that I was a bit confused about when I purchased the paperback, because I had never read any of this new incarnation of the team's material(and still have yet to), so you may be distracted by the whole Blue Beeltle's quest to uncover Bloodwynd's secrets(and I still don't know what's up with the dude!), but it's only a very minor thing and it shouldn't much get in the way of your experience.

    The art is pretty good, not very eye-popping or significant, but nice to look at. The concept alone is great (even though we knew he'd come back, because death is more of a cheap trick I comics), the idea of more-or-less the most powerful hero in DC, is very impactful. and the writing is solid. some problems(for me) include the guest characters of "Punk Teen and Mom", the bare simplicity of the story(But it is excused, read on), and the first issue. I don't have a problem with the Keith character, but that first issue was kind of dull, I was just waiting diligently for Doomsday to decimate something, but maybe that's just the little boy in me.

    Nevertheless, the story is entertaining, it looks pleasant, and it it's really more of an important stepping stone to the story "A Wold Without A Superman"(which is an excellent read), rather than a story on it's own, but you can't really read it without reading this first, and that's certainly no chore. 7/10.

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