The Death of Superman #1

    The Death of Superman » The Death of Superman #1 - TPB released by DC Comics on 1993.

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    A collection of the Death of Superman story arc

    Bye, Bye Birdie
    Bye, Bye Birdie

    Below are the Plot summaries of the issues in this book. For the most part they have been copied from the pages on comicvine for your convince.

    Superman: The Man of Steel #17, Superman #73, Adventures of Superman #496, Action Comics #683:

    There is just one page of each of these books in this book in the TPB. It is the last page of each book as an image Doomsday's fist punches a wall over and over again and making more and more progress.

    Superman: the Man of Steel #18:

    League Buster!
    League Buster!

    Despite the title Doomsday does very little in this issue. He does however break out of his underground tomb and kills a little yellow bird. Later he breaks down an overpass. and at the end of the issue he flips over a semi truck. The main story is about underworld monsters who try and take over Metropolis. Lois Lane has an informant named Charlie who lets her in on whats going on. In typical fashion the monsters capture her. Lucky for Lois a little orphan boy named Keith sees the monsters take her away. He uses glow in the dark paint to signal Superman who saves the day and rescues Lois.

    Justice League America #69:

    The Justice league are cleaning up the streets. Suddenly the get a urgent call for help, but what they find is more than danger it's... DOOMSDAY! Doomsday brings down the Justice League America as they fly over in the bug. The Justice League fights Doomsday minus one member... Superman. Superman is being interviewed on the Cat Grant show. Will Superman help the League in time or is it the end.

    Superman #74:

    A Watchful Eye.
    A Watchful Eye.

    SUPERMAN is here to save the day, But will he. As Superman comes to aid the Justice League he has his first confrontation with the destructive DOOMSDAY. Will Superman and the Justice league defeat this monster?! Will they be defeated and leave the world to the devastating Doomsday?! Read this issue to find out!!!!

    Adventures of Superman #497:

    Doomsday cuts a path from Ohio to New York. Superman and the Justice League America do everything thing to stop this monster and keep civilians safe at the same time. One by one the Justice League is taken out of action and it looks like Doomsday will rule the day. How many will die before the battle is over? Meanwhile Lex Luthor II and Supergirl/ Matrix look on at the battle and Luthor convinces her to stay with him in Metropolis.

    Action Comics #684:

    Superman and Guardian pull out all the stops to stop Doomsday from going to Metropolis. As they fight Superman gets worn down and Doomsday is only getting stronger. Will the heroes stop this monster?

    Superman: The Man of Steel #19:

    The End
    The End

    Doomsday finally gets to Metropolis despite Superman and other heroes' best efforts. Doomsday takes on everything Metropolis has to offer. He takes on Cadmus, the Guardian, the Underworlders, Team Luthor, Metropolis Special Crimes Unit and even Emil Hamilton and a special ray gun. Doomsday looks unfazed and Superman is on the ropes.

    Superman #75:

    The final dramatic conclusion that ends the Death of Superman story arc as the two exchange blows in front of the Daily Planet.

    List of covers and their creators:

    CoverNameCreator(s)Sidebar Location
    RegTrade Paperback Cover with UPCJon Bogdanove, Dennis Janke, and Reuben Rude1
    RegTrade Paperback Back CoverJon Bogdanove, Dennis Janke, and Reuben Rude3
    RegTrade Paperback Cover with UPC replaced by bleeding Superman logoJon Bogdanove, Dennis Janke, and Reuben Rude4
    LEPolybagged Limited Collector's Set with Trade Paperback and PosterJon Bogdanove, Dennis Janke, and Reuben Rude5
    LELimited Edition Platinum Trade Paperback CoverJon Bogdanove, Dennis Janke, and Reuben Rude2

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     The Final Moment Because this is a trade paper back I posted my individual reviews here.  There were a few pages at the beginning of this trade that have Doomsday punching a wall and slowly making progress but it is hardly worth a review.  Over all I gave this book three stars.  I would recommend it to anyone who loves comics and their history or any Superman fan.   Superman: The Man of Steel #18This is the issue where we finally got to see more of Doomsday than a fist.  That said he didn'...

    6 out of 6 found this review helpful.

    BLORCH 0

    "BLORCH " -crushed bird When I was a child I remember being very upset that on the page before the "iconic" final splash, there's a child onlooking and wearing, of all things, a Bugs Bunny T-shirt. The image of Bugs is not organic,in fact, an editorial placement (and as far as pragmatism, I don't blame them, these artists are having a rough enough time capturing Superman's likeness without branching out into other properties) and the sister-product (Bugs)'s presence was infuriating to me then,...

    1 out of 1 found this review helpful.
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