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The Dead Onez are the stereotypical shambling horde created by Ernest Fairchild or many other infamous necromancers capable of raising the dead. Ordinarily they are made when Evil and the like commit the act of murder on a living person, they in turn kill others and add them to the flock or are just within their vicinity of acts perpetrating loss of life to enact their reanimation, unlike regular zombies which are mostly human, Dead Onez can be resuscitated using the remains of anything that died be it detached anatomical parts of people or even animal remains.

Ordinarily these walking dead usually need a commander to power and guide them with their magical abilities but in rare cases such as Homicide, few of them can think and fell and act on their own, independently of the hive collective that Ernie usually guides his army through called 'The Dead Mind'. The mass consciousness connecting him to each and every individual potential ghoul/zombie which he can conjure up to serve his needs.

A couple of Dead Onez aren't only just allowed their own mindsets from where they were alive but some have been empowered and or modified through a host of means be it cybernetic, mystical or even nuclear in nature. Most of which come either from direct human interaction or outside forces such as a Chaos Lord. Others often serve a Chaos Lord directly and are gifted with a host of unique powers of their own or come into them due to extraordinary happenstance.

The few sapient Dead Onez are:


Brother of Mary, Billy and Judy Young. Was called back from the dead After Evil Ernie killed him and has since become a giver of death himself seeking peace between his kind and the living.

Dirty Al

Prisoner inmate of Widmark before it was nuked, now an irradiated ghoul along with his own crew of dead ones lead by Homicide.


Girlfriend of Al's and another prisoner who died during the Widmark prison bombing. Also a radioactive Zombie of the Dead Onez biker gang.

Red Eye

An obese zombie acting as the muscular enforcer of Ricks crew, allegedly a transsexual. Yet another irradiated zombie remnant of Widmark Penitentiary and skilled chain user of the Dead Onze.


Obsessive knife nut who hooked up with Rick and his posse after Widmark State Prison was nuked.

Dani Matrix

The chick of the crew who has a love of getting up close and personal with others, poisoning them with her radioactivity.


Heavy artillery to the Dead Onez, regularly carries a chain gun and loves to mow down the opposition with it.


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