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Dark Green

 Jackie Estacado isn't your average guy. For a living he kills people with his power. He has the ability to use shadows. He can turn the darkness into solid creatures! He can also see dead people before they die. This way he can save people and be a deadly hero.
One day, he finds this guy with a big green thing around him. So, he trails him. Then after they meet, he finds out that is Banner, the  Hulk! To save some lives, Jackie makes the  Hulk come out. Now he has to try and calm him down... he only thing is... the  Darkness doesn't on the  Hulk!
I thought that this was a spectacular Fight! I enjoyed how they got them together and had them fight! I've always enjoyed watching how people fair with the  Hulk. This is a great one to have! They got everything in it that needed to be there! They didn't hold back, so it was just right.
For all the Hulk fans out there, read his one!    


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