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    Volume » Published by Image. Started in 2002.

    Volume 2.

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    After his explosive death in The Darkness Volume 1, Jackie Estacado comes back to life. In this volume, he faces the new head of the Franchetti Family, Uncle Paulie and finally, Estacado took control of the organization. Continued into The Darkness Vol.3 some year later.


    In Volume 2 Jackie is motivated largely by vengeance toward the Franchetti's and most of jackie's attention is focused toward mobsters rather than the supernatural beings he faced in volume 1. As a result of the more serious approach, the comedy seen in the first volume has been exchanged for a more gritty and dark feel. As Jackie's power and understanding of the darkness have grown, the darklings have changed from funny sidekicks to a more disturbing and dangerous force in jackie's arsenal. The Darkness is shown to be more of a separate entity, as jackie begins to conflict with the Darkness later in the volume.

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