The Darkness

    Concept » The Darkness appears in 152 issues.

    In the Top Cow Universe, The Darkness is a source of power that grants the wielder the ability to generate anything they desire.

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    Primordial chaos and darkness opposite of order and light, Angelus. Darkness is considered one of the 13 Artifacts. Darkness and Angelus also have an offspring, that acts as balance between the two forces, it is named Witchblade.


    The wielder of the Darkness possesses a number of supernatural abilities. The Darkness power allows the wielder to create anything they desire. One of the primary weapons of the Darkness is the ability to generate solid constructs such as blades, claws, and protective armor. The darkness can also be used to create living, sentient beings that are controlled by the wielder. These darkness creatures are often in the form of imps or demons often referred to as Darklings. They tend to be violent in nature, and use a lot of profanity when they talk. The possessor of the darkness can also hear and see remotely through these creatures. Close proximity is also not necessary as they can be created and left in a dark area and controlled remotely via a telepathic control over the creatures.

    Creations of the Darkness are not limited to Darklings, however. Possessors of the Darkness in the past have even created human-like creatures out of the Darkness for many purposes including sex (see Weaknesses and Limitations: Celibacy).

    Weaknesses and Limitations


    As suggested by the name, a primary weakness of the Darkness is that it only functions in the absence of light. The Darkness cannot be accessed in the light and when light hits anything created of the Darkness it vanishes. This leaves the wielder particularly vulnerable during the day, however even during the day if protection from the light can be found the Darkness can be used. The darkness can be accessed simply by being in a non-lit room or even under the cover of smoke as long as it is thick enough to provide protection from the light.


    All wielders of the Darkness pass on the Darkness to their heirs through sex. Upon the conception of their child they die, so males in the Estacado family generally die during intercourse. This can be quite a burden for some, and the Darkness has been used in the past to create sentient humanoids for the purpose of sexual gratification.


    This is a list of all those who have wielded the Darkness Power

    The Loophole

    It has been stated that Jackie Estacado would die and pass on the Darkness to his offspring if he were to create a child through sexual intercourse. However, the loophole in this rule is that since the Darkness is an entire entity itself, it could create an offspring itself without having Jackie killed in the process. This was a major part of the First Born story arc as Jackie revealed that one night, the Darkness took control of his body and had sexual intercourse with a comatose Sara in the hospital.


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