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I want more a' The Darkness damnit!

I was pleased when i finished this One-Shot, although i bought it in quite a high price: 24 bs, i usually get them at 13 bs but i did pay for it because i thought it was worthy (i was aware of the 3.99$ price). And god be my witness, i was friggin' right. Rob Levin and Michael Broussard are the hell of a creative team, however, this tale wasn't about Jackie Estacado but his cleaner... Butcher Joyce. It kicks-off with solid captions of Butcher, introducing himself to the readers while he's shown cleaning some messy scenes that Jackie left behind, there's a hilarious panel that involves pigs and a fact that is probably true, regarding the mobster-ridden NYC of the 30s, 40s and 50s. Then he's taken by a misterious man called Mr. Nolan, whose face is as scary as that of Judge Dredd, my goodness, if i see a man like him on the street i'll handle the secrets i'm holding even if he doesn't torture me. Nolan is looking for something Butcher did dissapear a while ago, but then again, isn't Butcher a cleaner? A man that makes things dissapear!? Who's this Mr. Nolan and what does he wanna do when he founds what he came for? Are you looking for  ACTION, MISTERY, DRAMA AND THE DARKNESS? Then what are you waiting for? GET THIS BOOK RIGHT AWAY!

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    A great story full of...interesting "facts" 0

    This was such an enjoyable comic. First thing I have to know is how did Rob Levin know all the facts about "clean up" that Butcher shows and tells us about on page 1? Hmmm...Rob is mainly an editor at Top Cow so it's great to see that he knows what he's doing. This was a well written tale. Who would've thought Butcher, a man that cleans up the kills of the Franchetti Family, could carry a whole issue? There's also the fact that you can actually feel for a guy that has to be completely unfee...

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