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Is This The End For Jackie?

It's been a little while since issue #4.  There is an explanation by Phil Hester.  I'm fine with that.  I'd rather wait (a little) than have an issue rushed out.

Things don't look too good for Jackie in this issue.  We've seen him out of Sierra Muñoz already so we have to assume he makes it through this arc.  Michael Broussard does an amazing job drawing Jackie after a certain incident occurs.  There's almost too much detail.  Very nicely done.

As for Empire, we are nearing the end of the arc.  I do have to say that it feels like it could've gone on a little longer.  I would've like to see more of his infiltration of Sierra Muñoz.  It's almost like it was over and done with before it started.  We did get flashbacks but I feel like it would've been interesting to see Jackie as the head of a country after being the head of a mob family. 

I am glad that (hopefully) we'll be seeing the last of Dr. Kirchner. I'm not too crazy about him.  Maybe that's the point, he's not a nice guy so we're not supposed to like him.  I don't like how he's managed to get the upper hand on Jackie.  I suppose that shows his brilliance and Jackie's weakness.

And let's not forget about Jackie and Elle's 'baby.'  There's a lot going on here.

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