The Dark One

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    Powerful demonic force that wishes to enslave Earth and the human race.

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    Current Events

    The Best of Zenescope Special Edition collects a number of previous stories from across the Zenescope library, but in its final chapter it suggest events which are to occur in the future of the primary Zenescope characters. A mysterious figure looks at the various characters both in terms of past and future events - Sela's search for her daughter Ilys, Ilys mourning the death of her supposed mother Venus, the resurrection of Shang, the return of Belinda, the battle between Robyn Hood and Britney Waters, the assembly of the Greek Gods including Angel and the continued servitude of Cindy to the Dark One. In the case of the latter Cindy is shown trying to conjur some demonic forces for the service of the Dark One but while doing so the mysterious figure arrives and stops her and abducts her.


    The Dark One was born as Prince Malec of Valdor, a kingdom located in Myst. His father, King Gregor, refused to sacrifice his son to appease the nearby volcano Mount Careuleus, as an old tale would have. On the day of Malec's coronation, the king of the nearby kingdom of Durlan, King Dorin, threatened by lava flowing from the volcano, decided to go to war against Valdor. Meeting his opponent, King Gregor was beheaded in front of Malec. The war left Valdor in ruins. Malec, along with other prisoners, was transported to the slave pits, but they hijacked the transport and took the guards of the slave pits by surprise. There, Malec met Shang, who saved Malec from an ambush.

    The freed slaves prepared themselves for a battle and, under the leadership of Malec, returned to Valor to reclaim his kingdom. He had King Dorin beheaded, and took Dorin's son from the queen and planned to throw him into the volcano as an offering. But Shang caught the child before it could fall in the volcano. Angered, Malec attacked Shang, but was quickly disposed of by Shang. Wounded, Malec himself fell into the volcano. The Keepers, the balance between light and dark, transformed Malec into the Dark One.

    Being aware of the realm of Earth, the Dark One sought passage to this place, in spite of stern rules forbidding such travels. In the Earth realm, the Dark One's viciousness and cruelty allowed him to put fear in the heart of man, and as they feared him, his power grew. Mankind's nature and environment were optimum conditions for the Dark One's nature and powers. He became a disciple of Venus, but quickly rose in stature and ability and became her master.

    Dark, powerful, and mysterious leader of the Dark Horde, the Dark One is an ancient demonic evil who schemes and plots for greater power and the enslavement of mankind and Earth. In the beginning there were five realms. A realm of magic, known as Myst, a realm of hope and life, Oz, a realm of dreams, known as Wonderland, and a realm of imagination, known as Neverland. Earth was the nexus of these realms. As such it was of particular high interest to the Dark One, for if he were to have control of it, his power would be at its greatest and allow extension of rule though all realms. Originally an inhabitant of the Myst realm, The Dark One's ambitions and desires led him to Earth realm, in direct violation of the rules in place regulating travel between dimensions. On Earth, the Dark One who had not been especially powerful in his native realm, discovered a new source of energy, in mankind's vulnerability and penchant for greed and corruption. This new source of power catapulted the Dark One into one of the most feared and powerful beings in all the realms. Commanding the Dark Horde he still looks for ways to increase his powers and enslave Earth and mankind in particular. He is opposed by many including the High Council, the Realm Knights, and Sela Mathers.


    The Dark One was created by writer Joe Brusha and artist Clint Hilinski for use in the Zenescope Entertainment published series Grimm Fairy Tales. The character has gone on to become one of the main antagonists of the Grimm Fairy Tales series, as well as the broader Zenescope Entertainment Universe. The Dark One first appears in Grimm Fairy Tales #37.

    Powers and Abilities

    The Dark One, commands his own army, the Dark Horde and is capable of bestowing powerful magical abilities on to others. His power is both feared and respected.


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