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The best Batman movie ever!!!

This is a great and spectacular movie for everyone to watch.This movie shows batman facing the Joker,who is causing death misery and so much violence its fun and cool.We see Batman upgrade his gear and get a cool new ride and see him get challenged by the Joker and facing a newer threat Two-face. this is just the best Batman movie ever since Mask of the phantasm. I'm giving 5/5 because its has an amazing and dark ending and its spectacular and amazing.

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    The Dark Knight... 0

    The Joker appeared to be unrealistic pseudo omniscient god.Even the Joker's appearance with the mob is laughable at best.Not one of them shot The Joker on sight. Christopher Nolan has poor understanding of the mob.How does organize crime works generally? This never became FBI matter, when dealing with the Joker. If this movie was "realistic". The government would had hired Deathstroke snipe The Joker.No one was able to track or find who Bruce Wayne is.Joker is insane because he fell into the che...

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    The best Batman movie of all time 0

    This thrilling sequel to Batman Begins will keep you on the edge of your seat. The appearing villains are Scarecrow, Joker, and Two face. Heath Ledger's joker tops every viallain... EVER. He is cynical and you learn to never underestimate the impact a man can have. This is not some dumb superhero movie. It is a thriller with a hero in it....

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