The Dark Knight Rises

    Movie » The Dark Knight Rises released on July 20, 2012.

    Taking place eight years after The Dark Knight, Bruce Wayne has given up on being Batman, overwhelmed with grief for his lost love. But when a terrorist named Bane overwhelms Gotham City's Police, The Dark Knight must rise one more time to defeat this new menace.

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    Amazing 4

    It is hard to get too much into this movie without revealing too much about the plot, but this is essentially a wonderful compilation of story arcs from Knightfall and No Man's Land.  At times the movie plods along through some unconventional storylines and perhaps the average fan without as much exposure to the comics will find this lacking in energy, but the way in which this trilogy of films was wrapped up served to highlight the overall vision of the writer and director.  As with this cast f...

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    Hard to Articulate 2

    A few hours after seeing this movie, it's still difficult to come to a comprehensive verdict. I know it was amazing, but to articulate all the ways it was would lead to an excessively long review. I'll keep it spoiler free and try to summarise as best as possible.I'll start with the cast. It says a lot that many cast members are absent for a large part of the film, as it jumps from character to character, yet each actor, particularly Gary Oldman and Michael Caine, created such an impact, and lef...

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    Spidey, Avengers, I'm real happy for ya and I'ma let you finish.. 0

    Avengers, Spiderman, you're movies really were awesome, my god they were, but I'm sorry, even with your combined efforts, Marvel isn't going to win this summer. You guys could throw every movie you've made in the past 3 years at this thing and you still wouldn't have a prayer, that's how awesome this movie was.So... the movie itself... Wow. I'm honestly not sure where to start. The words to accurately describe this film may not have been invented yet. This film was so incredible that it is quite...

    6 out of 8 found this review helpful.

    It. is. Awesome!!!!!! 0

    Nolan's final Batman movie and he delivers an epic conclusion. The movie takes place 8 years after the last movie and is so amazing to see what happens. This is my new favorite Batman movie because it has plenty of action, a great cast, and an amazing director too. You won't be disappointed when you see this because it will make you cling to your seat. There are some cameos from actors in the Nolan movies and have some great new things, like The Bat, which was awesome. The cast was amazing and T...

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    Act 3 of Christopher Nolan's Batman Epic 0

    Here is my video review for The Dark Knight Rises. Tell me what you guys think about my video review in the comments below: ...

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    End of an Era 0

    Before I give my review of the movie itself, there are a couple things I would like to point out.Firstly, I would like to remind everyone that all of these comic book movies are not made for those of us who go to our local comic book shops every Wednesday and are handed a stack of books off of our pull list. These movies are made for the masses and to bring in that money. They are never going to be true and pure representation of the characters and stories we read each and every week. That's jus...

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    Have to nit-pick because it otherwise would have been perfect. 1

    The final installment in Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy has finally come out. So, let's cut to the chase.What's good about this movie? Nearly everything. So maybe it's better to start with its flaws. O.K., so what's wrong with it? Well mostly nitpicky things, but lets talk about them. First, there's the complaints I've had about the rest of the series rearing their heads again. For some reason every actor that plays Batman feels they need to deliver their lines in a growly whisper that sound...

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    The ending we deserved (spoiler free) 0

    Ever since 2008's 'The Dark Knight', I've had extremely high expectations for the next installment. Well, after 4 years of eager anticipation, it's safe to say that Christopher Nolan's 'The Dark Knight Rises' has successfully lived up to it's hype. Now I will be honest, the movie had it's flaws but I'd have to mention spoilers so I won't get into that.Basically, this movie is a masterpiece. Truly the ending us fans deserved, the movie is heavily based on the story-lines ''The Dark Knight Returns...

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    Take a Bow Christopher Nolan, Well Done! (Spoilers!!) 0

    The Dark Knight Rises.I have to say it's an AMAZING film. I was dazed when I left the movie theater close to 3 hours later. Did not drag at all. It was an amazing story. The greatness of this film is the story and the characters.I loved Tom Hardy as Bane. I can feel his presence in the movie and it was intimidating. You can feel the evil by his presence, his eyes and his voice. People complain about his voice being "too loud" or whatever but I think that was the point. They didn't want Bane to b...

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    Es la ultima 0

    Hemos llegado a la última película de lo que muchos consideran una triologia perfecta. Aun así llegamos a la nueva película del director Christopher Nolan. Ante tanta espera, finalmente vemos el final de un story arc que es raro ver en películas basada en comics. En especialmente si se hacen bien.The Dark Knight Rises nos trae de vuelta a cuidad Gotham luego de 8 años después de los eventos ocurrido en la pasada película. Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) ha estado recluido en su hogar durante todo e...

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    Deshi...Deshi...Basha...Basha... Deshi Deshi! Basha Basha! 0

    To no one’s surprise The Dark Knight Rises was good. More than that, it was great. It wrapped up the trilogy in probably the best way possible while leaving the door open for future possibilities.There’s probably more if I really thought about it but 23 is no short order. Plus, there’s one thing that’ll probably grind some gears.As always, spoilers aplenty.John BlakeThere are a lot of choices Chris Nolan has made with his Batman films that make them stick out, one of the most interesting is his ...

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    Nobody's Perfect... BUT BATMAN IS! 2

    I know this was most people's reaction to the film... BUT NOT MINE!So who cares if Bane doesn't have the venom tubes?So who cares if Catwoman shoots Bane?It beats the crap out of X-Men Origins: Barakapool, thats for sure.I'm known for hating movies that are nothing like the comics. Well, how does this stay true to the comics?It has that kind of "Knightfall" feel.Probably just because it's Batman getting his back broken, but still.I'd pick this over TDK any day, which proves this is the best!Catw...

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    Batman is NOT a quitter. 2

    Honestly, I would give this movie zero stars as a comic-book movie.I couldn't get over Batman being a quitter (and the parallels to The Dark Knight Returns and No Man's Land are ludicrous). I'll give you Knight Fall (but that happens in the bat cave, not some sewer, in the comic. And, Bane isn't someone's lackey. He is a strategist that weakens Batman to the point of complete exhaustion by releasing ever Gotham inmate, Batman has to round them all up (not sleeping nor eating), and than Bane brea...

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    an awesome ending 0

    I remember seeing this twice in theatres. this film was a epic. minus the plot holes. the acting is very good with bales best performance so far as batman/bruce wayne and anne hathaway as catwoman was suprisingly awesome. bane was a good villain even though he was hard to understand at times hes still badass. this film is very long and has a lot of ideas, but so much goes on some things to get explored as much as i would have liked. the soundtrack is still awesome, by the great hans zimmer and ...

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    A strong final entry into the greatest superhero trilogy of all time. 0

    The Dark Knight Rises, directed by Christopher Nolan. Another one that received mixed feelings from fans. I for one, enjoyed it from start to finish but as usual I did have issues. Biggest one was that one of my favorite villains (Bane) turned out to be a lapdog for some chick who has a grudge against Batman and it's difficult for us (the audience) to understand why. That's what I didn't like about it, plus there were a handful of obvious plot holes but those are forgivable. The good things incl...

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    Bigger is not always better. 0

    Dark Knight Rises is not a bad film. It just manages to fail in ways that the previous two movies had not. The list of flaws in this film goes on and on (The dumb Robin reveal, the absence of Batman, the way Catwoman's character doesn't match the atmosphere established in the trilogy. etc.) Characters don't feel flushed out and worst of all, the stakes don't feel all that high in Gotham/ No Man's Land. Batman and Co. seem virtually indestructible, each one of them making it through the crumblin...

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    Flashes of Greatness 0

    In 2005 Christopher Nolan gave us Batman Begins, a desperately needed reboot of a franchise that had gone astray. It was dark, mature, suspenseful, provocative - everything that the disastrous Batman and Robin wasn't. While it was not without its flaws, it masterfully established the character and set the stage for 2008's The Dark Knight, a film justifiably regarded as one of the best comic book movies of all time. The Dark Knight is held in high esteem because it transcended its genre and told...

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    This movie Is Really bad... 0

    This movie is a inconsistent mess.The plot holes are so big that you can swim in them.This what happens when you try to shove multiple story arcs in one film.TDKR has the same problem as X-men Last Stand.X-men Last Stand had two arcs shoved in. While the The Dark Knight Rises had a at least four arcs. It could be more arcs shoved here.I really don't know. The movie took things all over the place. Its not a consistent story.Batman moves slower than ever before. Not to mention Christopher Nolan ha...

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    A perfect end to a near perfect Batman trilogy 0

    Return to the worl of gotham once more to see The Dark Knight battle his deadlist foe yet. Bane is a unique villain. There are some prpblems with the script but it is an all around amazing preformance. In this movie you will see the long awaited appearance of Robin. Robin is a cop named Jon Blake who has the heart of a hero....

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    one of the best third entries in trilogies 0

    Nolan somehow never loses control - this is an accomplished and tremendously confident filmmaker, both in the execution of his thrilling chases and action beats, and in his manipulation of the complicated, multi-faceted narrative. A very nice follow up to the Oscar winning "Dark Knight" "The Dark Knight Rises" dosnt disappoint. With more vehicles and some better acting by Bale this movie is mostly carried by its fantastic story and its crazy villain Bane. Once again Nolan outdoes himself in this...

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