The Crypt-Keeper

    Character » The Crypt-Keeper appears in 278 issues.

    The Crypt-Keeper is a mischievous storyteller, who tells stories of horror and misfortune.

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    In the story, Lower Berth, from issue #33 of Tales From The Crypt, The Crypt-Keeper recounts his own origin. It seems his father was a two-headed preserved corpse and his mother was a centuries old Egyptian mummy. The two oddities were on display at a traveling carnival where they met and fell in love. A short time later ol' Crypty was born!

    Powers and Abilities

    While The Crypt-Keeper may not have any powers per se, he has been shown to withstand an amazing amount of pain and abuse. Once when he had his head chopped off he just made a pun and laughed about it. He also has great skill at wielding most deadly weapons.


    While it has been constantly shown that The Crypt-Keeper can be cruel and inhuman the television series also allowed the viewers to see other aspects of the storyteller.

    When he's not killing/torturing, he is actually a nice person to have conversations with. Just ask people like Whoopie Goldberg or Arnold Schwarzenegger, they had a conversation or two with the keeper without being harmed.


    • The voice of The Crypt-Keeper (in every incarnation where he has spoken) has been provided by voice/character actor Johnny Kassir.
    • It took at least 6 puppeteers to make The Crypt-Keeper move properly on the live action HBO series, and 4 out of the 6 was only for his facial expressions.
    • There were actually 3 Tales from the Crypt movies, but the third movie, Ritual, wasn't very successful. That's why it isn't very well-known.
    • The reason why the live action version of The Crypt-Keeper doesn't have a nose is because his creators couldn't find one that looked quite right.

    Other Media

    -Tales from the Crypt: Television Series (1988-1996)

    -Tales from the Cryptkeeper: Animated television Series (1993-1997)

    -Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight (1995)

    -Tales from the Crypt: Bordello of Blood (1996)

    Tales from the Cryptkeeper
    Tales from the Cryptkeeper
    Demon Knight
    Demon Knight

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