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The Crusaders were created by Henry Vogel and were penciled by Chuck Wojtkiewicz. The team was published by Comics Interview Publishing's and made only one appearance in Southern Knights #26 . Southern Knights was a black and white indie comic released in the mid-80's. It consisted of a group of superheroes who were the main defenders of Atlanta, Georgia.

The team is originally called the Crusaders but later changed with the title to avoid a lawsuit with Archie Comics who at the time published a comic titled "The Mighty Crusaders". The rights to Southern Knights and all its content including the Crusaders now belong to Heroic Publishing, and can be read online at Wowio.


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The ounce famed superhero team whom the Southern Knights decided to drop their original name from, now in long need of retirement. The heroes consisted of Crimson Crusader their leader, Bull the strongman, Tank the armored tech, Psycolps the mentat, the feral Greywolf, and the speedster Quarterflash.

When the Knights get into a fight with another hero team called the Crusaders, the Crusaders try this. Unfortunately for them, being a fan Electrode had read all the comic books which had been published which reveled all their battle strategies.


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