The Crazy 8

    Team » The Crazy 8 appears in 9 issues.

    Accidentally ionically charged when Wonder Man's powers surged out of control. These eight normal people would find that they, too, would gain super-powers and become the team known as The Crazy 8!

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    Team History

    The team included 8 individuals that all lived in a tenement that Wonder Man once lived in. The team included:

    Auteur: ability to cast illusions - team leader

    Dreamer: ability to astral project while asleep

    Snap: ability to fire off concussive energy blasts

    Stat: ability to duplicate himself up to six times

    Glamour Girl: ability to travel through time

    Attractive Lad: magnetic abilities

    Visionary: ability of super-enhanced eyesight

    Buff: abilities of super strength, durability, and agility

    Due to the dangers that their powers were bringing to them, Wonder Man would later reabsorb the ionic energies they had and leave them depowered. Only Dreamer and Stat have retained their powers as they subconsciously rejected the idea of their powers being removed.

    Team Stats

    Previous Members: Auteur, Dreamer, Snap, Stat, Glamour Girl, Attractive Lad, Visionary & Buff

    Team Leader: Auteur

    Base of Operations: Apartment Complex in Los Angeles, California

    Team Status: Defunct & Disbanded

    First Appearance: Wonder Man #1


    The Crazy 8 were created by Gerard Jones & Jeff Johnson.


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