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The Covenant of the Sword was set up decades ago by the time-travelling DarkLord in preparation for his own birth in the future. The world-wide organization was run by The Council, who running both its legal and covert illegal operations. They oversaw the development of cybernetic technology that enabled them to create a world-wide power base. Missions are carried out by the Covenant Drones. The Covenant Drones are armed  with heavily-armed and are highly-skilled soldiers.      


The Covenant of the Sword was created by  Erik Larsen   

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The Covenant of the Sword
The Covenant of the Sword
The Covenant of the Sword tried to control SuperPatriot, and made into an agent of the Covenant of the Sword. SuperPatriot was able to break free from their mind control. He had become their most formidable enemy, by attacking their secret base with his kids. Later on Damien DarkLord, mentally-manipulated SuperPatriot and once again converted into an agent of the Covenant of the Sword. The Covenant of the Sword had abducted the Malcolm Dragon when he was born and replaces him with synthetic double in his place. Malcolm remained in the care of the Covenant, being raised by an alternate version of his mother Rapture, she brought over from another universe by DarkLord. The Covenant of the Sword also replaced The Dragon's fiance Jennifer Murphy with a shape-shifting villain Impostor, who was killed by the second Overlord.

Damien had the Covenant gather up numerous super-powered offspring as well as summoning pregnant versions of their mothers from alternate timelines and universe. They would serve as a superhuman army after the second Nega-Bomb was detonated, removing the powers of many freaks around the globe. Damien communicated with another version of himself and a plan was concocted to send Dragon’s mind to this mirror world where his unique experiences would enable him to save that Earth. The Covenant  was wiped out when Universo consumed the Earth. 

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