The Coven

    Team » The Coven appears in 13 issues.

    The Coven travels around the globe in search of a series of mystic artifacts that would change the world forever if they fell in the hands of the malevolent organization called the Pentad.

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    Created by Ian Churchill with collaboration with Jeph Loeb. The unique series was publishe by Awesome Entertainment. The Coven was by far one of their most popular titles. While the rest of the Awesome Universe focused on the Super side of comics, the Coven explored the mystic underworld of this universe. Unfortunately as the company folded the Coven was one of the first titles to cease publication. But many fans still remember it as some of Jeph Loeb's and Ian Churchil's best work.

    Cain and Abel...everyone knows the story...Cain killed Abel....and the Lord marked him for all to see that it was he that brought murder into the world. centuries later....

    Christina Baker is your average college student that suffers from deadlines, school, loans, the lack of a good guy in her life but what she doesnt lack are headaches...upon walking back to her dorm she has a severe headache. This leads her to discover two people stealing from a museum. They are Scratch (a possessed priest) and Fantom (a vampire). Upon their discovery she sees the Pentad enter the fray and there battle begin.

    That night Christina is introduced to the world of The Coven. Their leader arrives to help turn the tide in their favor (to some degree). Blackmass introduces Christina to the world of magic and mysticism and explains how the Coven are the first best and last line of defense for the world. He also explains that the Pentad are there counterparts.

    The Coven consist of:

    Blackmass : The seventh son of a seventh son. He is the leader of the Coven and can manipulate his bodies density.

    Scratch: A possessed priest who constantly battles the demon within to keep him at bay.

    Fantom: A vampire with a heart, she has known Blackmass longer than anyone

    Spellcaster: She loses her mother early in the series (killed by the Pentad) and inherits her spell book and seeks revenge against them.

    Phenomena: A college student with the ability to see the supernatural.

    We discover during the series that the Pentad and Coven have ties to Cain and Able....but the twist at the end will shock you.

    The Coven's allies include: Lionheart and Supreme among others.


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