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    The Countess is a powerful and influential elder vampire who first discovered Chastity, a young vampire who could not be detected by other vampires, and trained her to be a vampire assassin.

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    Little is known of the Countess's background, and even her true name has not been revealed. Like all elder vampires she was many centuries old. She apparently was once a member of the British aristocracy and had accumulated vast wealth. As an elder vampire she was a prominent member of London's undead society, making her home in a lavish mansion in an upscale neighborhood of the city. She was also a member of the European Council of Vampires, the most powerful vampire organization in Europe.

    When a teenage American girl named Chastity Marks succumbed to an attack by a vagabond vampire named Farley on the streets of London, the Countess made the girl a guest in her mansion. The Countess revived the unfortunate girl and explained to her that she was now a vampire due to the attack. But while helping Chastity cope with her new existence, the Countess discovered that the girl's status as a vampire was somehow completely undetectable to other vampires, including the Countess herself. The ambitious Countess realized that Chastity's unique gift gave her the potential to be a perfect weapon to use against other vampires, and proceeded to train the girl with this goal in mind.


    The Countess was created in 1997 by Brian Pulido, the writer behind Chaos! Comics and the co-creator of many prominent "bad girl" characters in the 1990's, including Chastity. The Countess was designed to be a key character in Chastity's origin story, serving as Chastity's first 'mentor' after her transformation into a vampire.


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