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The Corpse was founded by a rogue Guardian of the Universe. The Corpse are a top secret division of the Green Lantern Corps who are not restricted by strict rules of conduct like Green Lanterns. The Corpse served Oa loyally for years, working in the shadows of the universe without fear or hesitation, no matter how dark the task.
When Hal Jordan took down the Green Lantern Corps, the members of the Corpse were left stranded under deep cover, powerless, in the worst pits of the universe. With the Corpse in ruins, Von Daggle (the leader of the Corpse) disbanded the Corpse and went underground somewhere safe, out of the way is how Von describes it. It wasn't until some time later, on a mission from the Guardians of the Universe that R'amey Holl and Guy Gardner meet Von Daggle. They deliver the message from the Guardians to Von Daggle which requested Von Daggle to rebuild the Corpse and serve Oa once again, at first Von Daggle is hesitant to accept the offer but after a while he accepts the Guardians offer. Thus the Corpse is reborn.
The grim motto of the Corpse is "Die alone".
Von Daggle described the Corpse job as: "We work under deep cover, no ties to Oa or the corps, if we're captured no one's coming to save us."
Von Daggle described the Corpse itself as being "the coldest, hardest division of the Green Lantern Corps you never even knew existed. We live in the places that are too dark for the light of the Corps. We handle the jobs that are too dirty for the green."

Power Source

The Corpse are a part of the Green Lantern Corps but they do not use the conventional power ring like regular Green Lantern's, instead  the Corpse swallow small black circular discs, though they work in very much the same as a power ring with a few differences. The differences between the Corpse discs and the Green Lantern's power ring are that the charge of the Corpse discs lasts the equivalent of five days, earth time whereas power rings have a charge of 24 hours and for the Corpse if the job is not done in those five days the Corpse member dies. Corpse members opt for a black uniform for stealth purposes as opposed to the Green Lantern's green suits. The final difference is that while scanning an area with a power ring it is obvious to detect whereas in the Corpse everything stays hidden inside, inconspicuous.

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