The Command Center

    Location » The Command Center appears in 134 issues.

    The Command Center was built in a mountainous desert on top of a mountain which is the original base of operations for the Powers Rangers.

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    The Command Center

    The Command Center serves as a base for the Power Rangers until the end of the Mighty Morphin Series. It is home to Alpha 5 and Zordon. Within it there are computers, the viewing globe, an area for teleportation, and the holding center for Zordon

    The Command Center was destroyed at the end of the Mighty Morphin Series. After the Power Rangers find the Zeo crystals, they found an area underneath the remains of where the Command Center used to be. within the area underneath the ground the Power Rangers find the Power Chamber, a fallout shelter built underneath the Command Center. From there the Power Chamber would serve as the Power Rangers headquarters until the end of the Turbo series.

    The Power Chamber

    In the Zeo series the Power chamber held the suits from the Mighty Morphin Power Ranger series.

    In the Turbo series the Power Chamber received several changes. The room is much more open, the Mighty Morphin suits are no longer in the Power Chamber, instead they have been replaced by tubes of different color. The walk around area is much bigger and more open.

    Eventually the Power Chamber was destroyed, and the Zeo crystals remain to be found again.

    Other Media

    Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie (1995)

    In this first film of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers even though it remains with the same cast member from the TV show, it is different from that of the TV show. There is an entrance that leads into the Command Center. There are more than just two pillars within the Command center than that of the TV show, Zordon remains in the center of the Command Center, and there is still an area for teleport. This Command Center was destroyed by Ivan Ooze, leaving Zordon's life force to slowly perish. The Command Center was put back together by the powers of all six Rangers.

    Power Rangers Movie (2017)

    The command center in this film is very much different that that of the Mighty Morphin tv show, for this Command Center is in a spaceship underground. In this Command Center, Zordon's life force is embedded within the spacecraft, with his face being integrated in the wall. There is an area where the Power Rangers are able to summon the ability to be able to morph, in the center of this area is a "viewing globe" but in this film is a hologram viewer.


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