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This Comet Soars

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The Impact Era Begins Here!

It sure does!

July 1991, The Comet was one of five titles part of DC Comics' !mpact Comics line. Maybe to counter the recent Image Comics launch. Comics in the '90's were pretty dark. Spawn and Batman were pretty good examples of the mature tone of comics in the '90's. The Comet is different from that.

Tom Lyle, fresh from Starman, collaborating here with Mark Waid, brings an upbeat character.

"First Flight" opens with The Comet patrolling Evergreen University. He's thinking that being a costumed super-hero is very different from his dream of being a baseball player. While he's capturing a quartet of thieves trying to steal a computer disk, his girlfriend, reporter Victoria Johnson, is covering a serial killing on the opposite side of the campus. It's appears to be the work of the legendary Applejack.

Through flashbacks we learn how Rob Connors came to discover his powers as The Comet. There's a mystery surrounding his parents disappearance.

The story wraps with Applejack setting his sights on Victoria.

Except for the whole seriousness of the serial killer subplot, this is a pretty fun and light-hearted story. Okay, maybe the whole missing parents thing is kinda heavy, too. The Tech-Wizards seem very "Wet Bandits" from Home Alone. Lyle's and Waid's story and script moves along smoothly. This is very reminiscent of Starman. I have to go back and re-read that book, along with Robinson's classic '94 follow-up.

The Comet's costume design is awesome and eye-catching. I still love the biker-style helmet with goggles and the wrist-bracelets. That's what caught my eye at first.

What would a hero do without some connection to the news media? The Comet is in good company as a super-hero with a girlfriend reporter.

Applejack is kind of a goofy name for a serial killer. Except maybe for the pun.

I'm curious to see where all this goes.

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