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    Character » The Clown appears in 42 issues.

    The Clown is a malevolent crazy who seems to work for himself and sometimes the Nazis. He is the nemesis of Magno the Magnetic Man and Davey.

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    Ace Comics

    Super Mystery Comics

    Not much is known about The Clown's past or secret identity, but since his debut in 1940 he has become the archenemy of Magno the Magnetic Man and Davey. He's teamed-up with not just Adolf Hitler but also an arsonist called The Torcher. At the end of The Golden Age of Comic Books, The Clown fell into the public domain. Forty years later, The Clown has been given a lease on life since the 1985.

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    The first secret identity of The Clown was revealed to be Albert Bean, a powerful business man in 1985 who retired his villainy past in the 1940s. He was interrogated by an adult Golden Lad and Thunderbunny about the hidden location of The Keeper, who The Clown hired to put his adversary, Magno, in suspended animation back in the 1940s. He then took Golden Man and Thunderbunny to his secret lair where they found other superheroes who disappeared between the 1940s and 1950s.

    AC Comics


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    The Clown was gathered by The Black Shroud against FemForce and The Vault of Heroes. It was revealed that he and many other Golden Age villains were housed in the Weir Asylum since the 1940s.


    The Protectors

    The Clown becomes Wisecracker
    The Clown becomes Wisecracker

    Malibu comics rebooted the villain as Wisecrack in the Protectors series.

    Dynamite Entertainment

    Project Superpowers Chapter II

    The Clown's new body
    The Clown's new body

    The Clown is revealed as a member of The Supremacy, a group of supervillains and major corporate players from the late 1940s and 1950s, who want ensure that the future continued on in their favor without the interference of superheroes. The Clown was the CEO of Clownco. As an old man, The Clown was able to clone the body of his greatest adversary Magno. With his mind transferred into the clone's body, The Clown was not only young again, but also he now had all of Magno's superpowers as well. He even fashioned himself in his adversary's costume but with his traditional costume color scheme.

    Thrilling Nostalgia Comics

    The Liberty Brigade

    The Clown is given a new secret identity again. This time, he is Luca Grimaldi, who was born to one of the great families of Italy and grew up with all the privileges' money can bring. Determined to be a modern day Leonardo, he became an expert in the arts, sciences, and physical skills such as swordsmanship. Unfortunately, Grimaldi was seduced by Hitler's rhetoric and belief's and offered his service to The Third Reich. As The Clown, Grimaldi became one of Hitler's most dangerous operatives, and is a member of The Death Lords.

    The Clown along with Mastermind led the assault and capture Freedom's Flame, aided by The Aryan Skulls, The Death Snakes, and The Invincibles. Then, they proceeded to Washington D.C. to assassinate President Franklin D. Roosevelt in The White House, where they nearly succeeded until The Rat betrayed them and reported their incursion to The Liberty Brigade. The Clown, along with Mastermind, The Rattler and The Red Death were defeated and captured by The Battling Hobo as they attempted to flee the battle.


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