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    Debated to be one of the first of comics Masked Mystery Men.

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    Clock's secret identity was eventually revealed to be society man and former district attorney Brian O'Brien, whose background in college sports helped prepare him for heroism. As the Clock, he wore a three-piece suit, a fedora, and a black full-face mask (which was replaced by a domino mask years later). He usually left a calling card that bore an image of a clock and the words "The Clock Has Struck." He had two sidekicks in his superhero career: His double Pug Brady and a young girl called Butch Buchanan. His romantic interest was his fellow vigilante The Orchid.

    The Character would be bought by Quality in 1940. When DC bought the rights to the Quality characters they did not renew the copyrights of the character and, thus, he fell into public domain. It would seem DC would not renew the copyrights decades later.

    Malibu Comics

    The Clock was revamped by Maliby comics in the 90s for the Protectors comics.

    Here Brian O'Brien later on life went on to become the president of the United States of America. It was his idea to create a team of super-powered heroes that would be focused on fighting crime and wouldn't be reckless. This team became known as the Protectors.

    DC Comics

    DC would make references to Clock in the Starman book. Shade would reveal through the Clock's journal that his death in 1944 was a great exaggeration and that he had been actively fighting crime in Chicago. Clock would become a founding member in JLA:Destiny. The book had many of the Quality characters as founding members or as villians.


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