The City Enduring

    Location » The City Enduring appears in 10 issues.

    A makeshift Dyson swarm planet being used as an experiment to determine how to bring peaceful coexistence to three warring races

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    The City Enduring is a Dyson swarm type planet built to determine the best way to bring three warring races to a peaceful coexistence. It has 20 billion residents and resides on the edge of Guardian protected space.

    The three warring races are:

    • The Nah - resembling humans but venomous with wings, tails, and seven digits on their hands
    • The @AT - an artificially intelligent species that presents themselves as holograms
    • and the keh-Topli - a sentient race evolved from plants that conform to humanoid bodies

    Together, they called themselves The Trilogy. The three races developed in unison on two different planets until an interloping empire tried to divide and conquer pitting the races against each other. The empire got more than they bargained for as The Trilogy ended up destroying both of their planets in what they call The Burnover. They built The City Enduring out of the ashes, and, so their anger never got the best of them again, they treated themselves with a drug called the Emotion Exploit that lessened their passionate responses. There is also an illegal drug called Switchoff that counteracts the Emotion Exploit and allows for temporary expression.

    Anticipating violence, the Trilogy Council (one councilperson from each race) request their first Green Lantern detail. Throughout their history, anytime the populace starts to fight back against the Emotion Exploit, violence erupts, while many of the citizens believe the Emotion Exploit is the cause of the violence, not the cure. The Council has always been able to quell the protests against Emotion Exploit through state sanctioned violence which they admitted "works" every time despite the fact that they have had to resort to it 12 times over their history. Soon after GL Sojourner Mullein arrives, they have their first murder in 500 years. She is there to be what she calls a "wild card," a new element that doesn't follow the rules of the game to see if they get a different result.


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