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ROBERT E. HOWARD’S SAVAGE HERO CONTINUES HIS UNCENSORED ADVENTURES! Discover the true Conan, unrestrained, violent, and sexual. Read the story as he intended!

The Cimmerian in the land of a thousand and one nights!

A crossroads of beliefs, languages and cultures, the mythical trading city of Zamboula is also the scene of many dark legends. Upon paying the city a visit, Conan is warned of the dangers of Aram Baksh's home. It is said that most of the foreigners who stay there disappear under obscure circumstances...and it is precisely there that the Cimmerian is spending the night. But by lifting the veil on these mysterious cases of kidnappings, the Cimmerian will discover another secret, even more terrible, linked to the whole city of Zamboula...

A story imbued with orientalism and macabre witchcraft, The Man-Eaters of Zamboula offers writer/artist Gess the opportunity to deliver his vision of Robert E. Howard's hero in a comic book story of exotic, erotic and dark beauty.

Bonus Material: The original Robert E. Howard prose story is included!

List of covers and their creators:

CoverNameCreator(s)Sidebar Location
ACover AYanick Paquette & Mat Lopes1
BCover BMoritat2
CCover CGess3
DWraparound Cover DRobin Recht4
EHomage Cover E (Elektra Lives Again)Fritz Casas5
FBlank Cover FNone6
G1:10 Retailer Incentive Cover G (Virgin)Yanick Paquette & Mat Lopes7
H1:20 Retailer Incentive Cover H (Virgin)Moritat8
I1:30 Retailer Incentive Cover I (Virgin)Robin Recht9
J1:40 Retailer Incentive Cover J (Virgin) (Weird Tales)Unlisted10
K1:50 Retailer Incentive Cover K (Black & White)Yanick Paquette11


none of this issue.


none of this issue.


none of this issue.


none of this issue.


none of this issue.

Story Arcs

none of this issue.

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