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After the explosion of a nuclear device in Monument Valley, Starr, the leader of The Grail and arguably the most powerful man on earth, found himself chained to a bed in a disused silver mine. He was clad in only his underwear, and his right leg had been amputated above the knee.

His life had been saved by three brothers, Karl, Ernie and Cyrus Chunt, who had found Starr after his helicopter crashed. They took off the wounded leg and nursed Starr back to health. While Starr was happy to be alive, he was not as happy about effectively being a prisoner of these three unpleasant-looking men. Indeed, they appeared rather slow and backwoods-ish, especially Cyrus, whose only word was "Wub," and who appeared to be severely retarded.

Starr discovered that his benefactors had not saved his life out of the kindness of their hearts, nor had they taken his leg to help his recovery. The Chunt Brothers were in fact cannibals, and Starr was not their first victim. They intended to eat Starr, piece by piece, and there was very little he could do about it.

Or so they thought. Starr managed to steal a gun from the idiot brother, Cyrus. He used the gun to break the chain that held him and shoot the Chunt brothers dead. Free, he then faced the prospect of hopping through the desert to find some help.

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