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The Chronicles of Kull Volume 1: A King Comes Riding and Other Stories kicks off Dark Horse’s newest addition to its popular Robert E. Howard reprint line. Presenting every color Kull comic from the 1970s and ’80s chronologically for the first time ever, volume 1 features color Kull stories from Creatures on the Loose! #10, Monsters on the Prowl #16, and Kull the Conqueror #1 to #9. The writing talents of legendary creators Roy Thomas, Gerry Conway, and Len Wein and the stunning visuals of Marie Severin, John Severin, and Bernie Wrightson are on display in such thrilling tales as “The Skull of Silence,” “Night of the Red Slayers,” and “The Forbidden Swamp!” See how Robert E. Howard’s Kull stories were interpreted over three decades ago in comics.

Back Blurb

Legendary Conan writer and editor, Roy Thomas, working with the incomparable Bernie Wrightson, introduced Robert E. Howard's King Kull character to the comic-book world in their 1971 adaptation of "The Skull of Silence," which appeared in Creatures on the Loose! #10. Kull's journey into the world of color comics began auspiciously and continued in the same exciting fashion with the ongoing Kull the Conqueror title! Dark Horse is proud to present the first of a five-volume Chronicles of Kull series, reprinting all of the Marvel-era color Kull comics ever printed. This volumes includes such distinguished talent as Gerry Conway, Len Wein, Marie Severin, and John Severin. With a foreword by mark Finn, author of Blood and Thunder: The Life and Art of Robert E. Howard, this volume contains such classic Kull tales as "The Shadow Kingdom" and "Night of the Red Slayers" and is a can't-miss collection for any fan of King Kull---exile of Atlantis and ruler of Valusia!

This volume collects Creatures of the Loose! #10, "The King and the Oak" from Conan the Barbarian #10, Monsters on the Prowl #16, and Kull the Conqueror issues #1 to #9, including all original series covers.

Story Titles

  • The Skull of Silence!
  • A King Comes Riding!
  • The Shadow Kingdom
  • The Forbidden Swamp
  • The King and the Oak
  • The Death-Dance of Thulsa Doom!
  • Night of the Red Slayers!
  • A Kingdom By the Sea!
  • The Lurker Beneath the Earth!
  • Delcardes' Cat
  • Wolfshead
  • The Scorpion God!


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Story Arcs

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