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Morgan Gallows

A psychic werewolf, creator of the Chosen. He is also the father of Rosa Martinez (Oblivia). 


Rosa Martinez, a vampire, and also the chosen one who would be the only one powerful enough to defeat Armageddon. She is the daughter of Morgan Gallows and Serena.


The daughter of Chaos, Vex fell from the cosmos to earth to reek havoc and destruction upon humanity. She soon learns that she has a choice in how she uses her power, and decides to join the Chosen to fight Armageddon. 


Danny Patrick McCarty, a teenager who can transform into a powerful dragon creature with super strength.


Rashad, once a tough hood, he was turned undead and decided instead to start life anew. He got an education and started a home for drug addicts, in order to help them get off their addictions.

Voodoo Childe

Vanessa Childers, a powerful voodoo witch, who uses the powers of the Loas to guide and help her.

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