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The Children of Kaizen Gamorra are an army of cloned super soldiers created by the the evil terrorist Kaizen Gamorra. They were made using a combination of his two deceased brothers, mother and super human DNA. Gamorra planned to use the clones in an all-out assault to mark the world with the symbol of the Gamorra brothers, attacking the cities of Moscow, London, and Los Angeles. Moscow was almost completely destroyed, but the attack on London was successfully stopped by the Authority. The third attack was countered as well, resulting in the deaths of all the clones sent. Kaizen Gamorra was supposedly killed along with all his clones after the Carrier was transported into Gamorra.


The Children of Kaizen Gamorra were created for use in DC Comics byBryan Hitch and Warren Ellis. Their first appearance came in Authority #1released in May, 1999. Their last appearance is in Authority #16 which was released in January, 2010.

Powers and Abilities

Each clone was given super human strength, durability and the power to fly (it is shown that a clone can match Apollo in speed). They could shoot lasers from their hands & eyes and wore suits that would allow them to be transported back to the base in case they were in danger. Each clone could be easily mass produced and their numbers ranged from the hundreds to thousands.

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