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    Three sisters descended from a witch who was burned at the stake, the Halliwell sisters were prophesied to be the three most powerful witches the world has ever known, destined to bring about great change and defend the forces of good from evil.

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    The Four Sisters
    The Four Sisters

    The Charmed Ones are a sisterhood of the three (or rather, four) most powerful good witches ever to walk the Earth, and are dedicated to protecting innocents and the world from the forces of evil. Each sister has a unique power along with the ability to cast spells and brew potions.

    The history of the Charmed Ones goes all the way back to their ancestor, Melinda Warren, a powerful witch whom unfortunately lived in the era of the Salem Witch Trials. She possessed all three of the Charmed Ones' original powers: telekinesis, molecular immobilization, premonitions, and was also the creator of the Warren Book of Shadows. When Matthew Tate, a warlock, exposed her secret to the villagers, she was burned at the stake. But before her death, Melinda Warren prophesied that each generation of the Warren line would grow stronger and stronger, culminating in the arrival of the Charmed Ones - three sisters that would be the most powerful witches the world had ever known.


    The Charmed Ones were created by Constance M. Burge in 1998. Their first appearance in comics was by Paul Ruditis and Raven Gregory in Charmed #1 from Zenescope Entertainment

    Team Evolution

    The Triquetra
    The Triquetra

    Although each sister is a powerful witch in her own right, their combined might, which is known as the ''Power Of Three'' is where their true strength lies, and is said to be the most powerful form of magic ever. Their powers are rooted in their bond as sisters, and it is their love for each other that makes them strong. Without supreme power and/or trickery applied, likely including some from an outside source, there is no demon, warlock, or magical being that can withstand the Power of Three.

    The Power Of Three, the ancient magic and bond that is imbued with the sisters, is represented by the ancient symbol called The Triquetra. An embossed triquetra was placed on the front of the Book of Shadows, and would split whenever the Power of Three was split.

    The Charmed One's power invocation

    Hear now the words of the witches
    The secrets we hid in the night
    The oldest of Gods are invoked here
    The great work of magic is sought
    In this night and in this hour
    We call upon the Ancient Power
    Bring your powers to we sisters three!
    We want the power
    Give us the power

    Major Story Arcs

    Another Sister


    After the tragic and unexpected death of Prue, Piper and Phoebe discover that they have a half-sister, Paige Matthews, who is the daughter of their mother and her whitelighter, Sam. Paige's whitelighter blood mixes with her witchcraft heritage to give her a unique form of telekinesis - telekinetic orbing , though she has to verbally call for objects to "orb" them where she wants them. As she learns to control the dual sides of her ancestry, Paige also learns how to orb herself and others (the whitelighter form of teleportation) and to heal open wounds, and eventually she receives her own charges to train and protect as they learn witchcraft.

    The Final Battle

    After 8 years [4 for Paige] of battling the forces of Evil, the sisters finally died in the battle of all battles, where they faced off their once friends, Billie and Christie Jenkins, otherwise known as The Ultimate Power. After Piper managed to survive and had her husband Leo returned to her (after he was frozen in ice), they traveled back in time with Phoebe's boyfriend, Coop (a Cupid) and managed to bring back their powerful Grandmother (Grams) and powerful Mother (Patty) from different years of the past. The three generations of Halliwell witches managed to change time by stopping the battle and keeping Phoebe and Paige alive. The three sisters united once again, they defeated the demonic clan, The Triad, as well as the evil witch, Christie, managing to sway Billie under her demonic infulence.

    The sisters now live happy lives, Piper blessed with 3 children, Paige with twins and Phoebe with 2, having recently becoming the last sister to marry. But, of course, nothing lasts for ever...


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