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In the 1930's the High was a superhero protecting the world, but he soon became tired of the way he was trying to save the world. He went into a type of exile for over 60 years coming up with a plan to save the world. In the 1990's he appeared alongside a team of heroes and thus the Changers were born. The groups mission was to change the world into a utopia where everyone would be provided for and wouldn't need any type of government or society. Each would use their unique powers to help the world reach that point ( Engineer created nanomachine plants to provide tools, food and anything else that only needed waste to be created, Eidolon wanted to inform the world the was no type of God or afterlife and they should lead their life well , Doctor would drug London with DMT etc). However the members Wish and Blind had there own plan not approved by the others. Wish wanted to turn people who didn't like peace into slaves for her personal war games and Blind kidnapped and tortured Jenny Sparks knowing she and Henry Bendix's Stormwatch would try to stop them. He also tortures Strafe who had come to betray Stormwatch, but Blind didn't trust him. High went to the United Nations and destroyed their flags to signify that individual governments were a thing of the past. He even defeated Stormwatch Prime who had come to stop High.

Or Die

Sparks was able to get free and Stormwatch attacked the Changers at their own base. In the battle Blind and Wish's true motives came to light and Smoke killed Blind and Bendix sent Wish into space. However the members Eidolon and Smoke tried to have negotiations with the teams, but the member Rose Tattoo killed the and Jack Hawksmoor killed her. Soon a crazed Bendix ordered the team to be killed by using special weapon called a Hammerstrike Deep Sanction Missile which was a acid loaded bomb. It was fired at the Changers base killing all the remaining members aside from High. In anger he flew at Stormwatches headquarters Skywatch attempting to destroy it, but Sparks had ordered the Storm Door to be initiated and he hit it and on impact it turned his body into goo. Although the team itself was not successful a crazed Bendix was removed from office and the team Authority was inspired by the group and even made from some of its members successors.

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