The Centipede

    Character » The Centipede appears in 13 issues.

    A killer in search of the H Dial who can rewind time to correct his mistakes.

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    Following the defeat of the Abyss, Mr. Colton showed up in Littleville to investigate the incident, representing an as of yet unknown organization. He sought out Vernon Boyne and threatened his assumed identity if he didn't comply with his demands and tell him about what had happened. They arranged to meet later but Vernon had gathered with some thugs from his past life in an attempt to take him down, but he used his powers and killed Vernon's friends before delivering a savage beating to the man himself.

    He interrogates Vernon who tells him of Roxie Hodder whose house he goes to investigate, and finds her secret basement. He's unable to break into her system, but he does find all her Manteau masks and contacts his superiors about tracking her whereabouts, discovering that she is in his native Canada. Returning home, he spots Flame War, Nelson Jent's current persona, and follows him as he tries to lose authorities. After witnessing Nelson change, he lies to his superiors and approaches Nelson as he's walking down the street, taking the Dial from him.

    The Dial refuses to work for him and Nelson attacks him, but actually serves as a distraction for Roxie to tase The Centipede. She manages to turn into Minotaura, reclaim the Dial, and trap him in a labyrinth as they made their escape. He returns to report to his superior, General Choler, and they visit their own Dial wielder who's been having trouble operating in the different Ids. He is given a mask that resembles a centipede's head, which he accepts reluctantly as he continues working on the Dials, carrying on his own agenda. Pretending to be horribly injured, he convinces the soldier to Dial up a hero to fight Nelson Jent.


    A member of Canadian military who took part in a government experiment, an attempt at a time machine that failed. However, it altered him to where he can accelerate himself and also pick out certain futures of himself, getting the possibilities to work together towards their common goal. He works for a Canadian agency known as Dark Maple and has faced numerous threats, both mundane and supernatural for his country before he was assigned to the H Dial case.


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