The Carpenter

    Character » The Carpenter appears in 15 issues.

    A cannibalistic murderer and lunatic from Wonderland. Father of Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum.

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    The Carpenter was once an ordinary man from California. He was ordinary in all respects, but his physically and mentally traumatic relationship with his son Tony. One day Charles Dodgson observed some of this abuse. He lost his temper and forced the abusive father through the mirror to Wonderland.

    In Wonderland, his violent tendencies magnified and he became the Carpenter.


    Once in Wonderland he struck up an eventual partnership with the Walrus, with whom he built and ran a seafood restaurant on the beach.

    One day the last vestiges of his sanity finally left him. He descended into extreme paranoia and turned on his partner, bound him, and locked him in the freezer. While in another room, the freshly arrived Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum wandered into the restaurant. The Carpenter returns to discover they had freed the Walrus from the freezer and began gorging on the spread of food set out before them on a table. The Carpenter swiftly murdered one Tweedle. Then, while lecturing the remaining Tweedle about learning respect and strength, he butchered the bound Walrus. Just after the Tweedle realized the Carpenter was his father, he was then murdered as well.

    Death of the Carpenter
    Death of the Carpenter

    Just moments after that (During the events of Return to Wonderland) the Carpenter detected the presence of yet another trespasser on his land. The new intruder was a very disoriented Calie Liddle. He trapped her in the kitchen, intent on his third fatality of the night and another dish in his meal. After a short confrontation, in which the she slightly wounded him, Calie escapes. He is later seen advancing, with the other Wonderland denizens on Lacie as Calie escapes Wonderland.

    The Carpenter has his final encounter with Calie when she returns to Wonderland a second time. With her new abilities, Calie bests and murders the Carpenter, though its unknown whether he regenerates.


    Before coming to Wonderland the Carpenter was a very harsh and abusive personality. After entering Wonderland these traits became even worse. Eventually he also develops extreme paranoia and cannibalistic tendencies. In the majority of his appearances he is seen covered in the fresh blood of of his last victim. He also has a tendency to rant and lecture, occasionally in rhyme.


    As a Wonderland Entity, he is ageless and has increased healing abilities while in Wonderland. He is also physically formidable, though within ordinary human limits.


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