The Butcher

    Character » The Butcher appears in 47 issues.

    The avatar of Red Lanterns' light, born from the first spillage of blood.

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    The Butcher is the living embodiment of rage. It has fought the Spectre many times since its birth from the very first blood spilt and the entity has survived these confrontations.

    It was on the run from the Spectre in Montana, while also being hunted by the same mysterious enemy that kidnapped Parallax and Ion. Atrocitus is also looking for It, but to save It from the unknown enemy.

    In pursuit of The Butcher, Sinestro and Atrocitus have followed it to a prison. A guard tells them that came crashing through the place and that it was "looking for someone".

    While still after The Butcher, Sinestro is called back to Qward, leaving Atrocitus to pursue The Butcher alone.

    The Prison of the Butcher
    The Prison of the Butcher

    The Butcher finally finds a host, a man called James Kim, but the Spectre tries to stop The Butcher from using James Kim as a host, but just as the Spectre was about to slaughter the entity, Atrocitus had intervened and wanted the Entity for his Corps. During the midst of battle The Butcher had entered the host and exacted James Kim's revenge on the man who had killed his Daughter. After killing that man, the host's anger was subsiding and the entity had tried to use Atrocitus as its host but with the intervening of the Spectre it could not. The Entity was imprisoned within Atrocitus's lantern battery until he can reach Ysmault and use the entity to power the Red Central Power Battery with its rage.

    When Atrocitus tries to help combat Krona, Krona sense the Butcher's rage on Atrocitus. Ophidian controlled Hector Hammond then uses his powers to steal Atrocitus's memories to find where Atrocitus had hidden The Butcher. Ophidian tells Krona Atrocitus had hidden it in his lantern's pocket dimension, which Krona then finds and steals The Butcher. Krona then knocks out Jordan, Indigo-1, Larfleeze and Atrocitus and retreat to the lost sector.

    When Krona attacked Oa after taking control of all the Entities, a Guardian whom Krona referred to as "Herupa" was forced to become The Butcher's next host. Herupa-Butcher was seen shortly after the Earth Lanterns' invasion of Oa and, alongside the other possessed Guardians, attacked Guy Gardner and Hal Jordan.

    When Hal Jordan killed Krona, The Butcher and the other Entities where freed from his control and released the Guardians they possessed. They then disappeared and their current location is unknown.

    During the Lights Out event, it is revealed that the Butcher was captured by those who sought to harness its ower. Atrocitus, in need of a new power source after his ring was taken by Guy Gardner, located the Butcher and freed it. Atrocitus then absorbed the Butcher into himself, and used his new power to kill its captors.

    After heading into space to seek revenge against those who had wronged him, Kyle Rayner appeared, seeking to take the Butcher into himself in order to replenish the fading reservoir of emotional energy. Despite some resistance, Kyle successfully absorbed the Butcher and left.

    After Kyle took the Butcher, along with the other emotional entities save Parallax, to the other side of the Source Wall, he released them into the reservoir, where they gave their lives to refill the emotional reservoir.

    With the rage entity dead, Atrocitus has recently put into motion a plan to create a new entity to replace the fallen Butcher. Burying a "rage seed" deep inside he Earth, this new entity is slowly growing in power until it the next phase of Atrocitus' plan can begin.


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