The Burglar

    Character » The Burglar appears in 248 issues.

    A burglar Spider-Man allowed to escape at one point, he would later kill Uncle Ben.

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    Peter Parker realises his grave mistake
    Peter Parker realises his grave mistake

    After Peter Parker first gained his powers, he used them for profit as a professional wrestler, before going into showbiz on television. While leaving the studio one day, a burglar ran past. Peter could have easily stopped him, but chose not to viewing it not to be his problem. Upon returning home Peter was horrified to discover his Uncle Ben had been murdered by a burglar hiding from the police, and upon cornering the criminal in a warehouse, was shocked to find it to be the same man he had allowed to escape earlier that night.


    The Burglar was created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko.

    Major Story Arcs

    Years later, the Burglar got out of jail, and bought Aunt May's old house. This was no coincidence: the Burglar had heard that the treasure of a notorious gangster named Dutch Mallone had been hidden in his old house. The reason he had been at the TV studio that night was so that he could find out where Dutch Mallone had lived.The night Peter's Uncle Ben had died, he had been looking for the treasure, but was disturbed by Uncle Ben and Aunt May. Attempting to question Aunt May, the Burglar teamed up with Mysterio, who was currently her doctor at Restwell Nursing Home. Mysterio attempted to betray the Burglar, and get the treasure for himself. When he realised that it probably wouldn't be found, Mysterio left, allowing the Burglar to try and find the treasure.

    The Burglar kidnapped Peter Parker and tried to question him as to the location of the treasure. Peter managed to get free, and got into his Spider-Man costume. Spider-Man chased the Burglar all over the warehouse he had been kidnapped in. The Burglar was so scared that Spider-Man would kill him that he suffered a heart attack and died. Among his last words was the request to Spider-Man to apologize to the family of an old man he had murdered on his behalf.

    He was survived by his daughter Jessica Carradine.

    Other Media

    In the films Spider-Man and Spider-Man 3, The Burglar's character is replaced by a carjacker who shoots and kills Uncle Ben while he waits for Peter outside a library. The Carjacker is played by Michael Papajohn.

    The Sam Raimi Spider-Man trilogy universe is the only reference to his real name being Dennis Carradine, the comic book universe had only revealed his last name was Carradine assuming that he and his daughter Jessica shared a last name,, but no first name was ever given prior or after in the comics.


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