The Bug

    Object » The Bug appears in 183 issues.

    Blue Beetle's (Ted Kord) bug shaped aircraft that has had two different versions used by Ted Kord.

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    The Bug is patent number 8647-342. It was created by Ted Kord the Blue Beetle. He created it because he had no superpowers like his predecessor.


     Pierced by Doomsday
    Pierced by Doomsday

    The Bug has been destroyed about every fifteen issues the Blue Beetle is in. The first time it was destroyed was in a battle in New York against the Hybrid. After the battle the Teen Titans helped him repair and improve the ship. Much later the Bug was destroyed by Doomsday during his first battle with the Justice League.

    The last couple of Bugs were called the Mark I and the Mark II. During Ted Kord's adventure during Countdown to Infinite Crisis, the Bug Mark II was blown up and the Mark I was brought out from the cobwebs. When Ted went to Maxwell Lord's fortress, the Mark I was left. When Ted was shot and killed, Checkmate took the Mark I and altered it to cover Ted's tracks.

    Chronological list of times the Bug has been destroyed

    -April 1987, Blue Beetle 11: The Bug is destroyed by Behemoth and the rest of the Hybrid.


     The Bug and the Man
    The Bug and the Man

    The Bug units have contained these:

    • Boosterjets under the shell, that could launch the bug into near the sound of speed and later on even faster.
    • Remote controls that were built into Ted's gloves.
    • Solar powered batteries.
    • Magnetic/Electrical hulls that could be used in case anyone got on it.
    • Solarblasts from the heat-power-converter.
    • Magnetic impulseblasts that shoot out from the Bugs antenna.
    • Laser beams.
    • Robotic claw arms.
    • Rotating head and body.
    • Watertight bulkheads.
    • Escape hatches.
    • Sky wire
    • Deflector shields.
    • Snoopys. The Snoopy is a miniature-Bug just like the main ship. They are about the size of a football with legs. There are about twelve in the ship and they are equipped with all kinds of spy equipment.
    • Electromagnetically charged smoke that clings to the hull making the Bug appear as a cloud.

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