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    1. Cover by Bruno Premiani.
    2. "The Thousand-and-One Dooms of Mr. Twister" "Town Without Teen-Agers" (part 2) "The Town That Would Not Die" (part 3) written by Bob Haney, penciled by Bruno Premiani and inked by Charles Paris.

    Chapter 1

    Upset with the new curfew laws made by the Hatton Corners mayor. The Hatton Corners Teen Club sends letters to each of the Teen Titans to come and speak to the adults on their behalf.

    After getting the permission of their adult counterparts IE: Robin asks Batman for permission,Kid Flash asks Flash etc ... etc ... They all converge on Hatton Corners.

    When they arrive they find all of the teenagers are missing, and the mayor reads them a letter left by the kids. It says that the teens have left in a kind of strike until the adults get with the times.

    As the team searches the town for the teenagers, a tornado strikes the town. Knowing there are no storm shelters the team gets everyone in the town into the bank vault. Yet there is no room for Robin so when the storm hits he is still outside.

    Trying desperately to hold onto the vault door, it proves futile as the winds lift him up and throw him across town. Kid Flash sees this and makes a leap to save his friend.

    They see a man in a garish costume and he announces his name is Mr. Twister, and that he took the teenagers, and if the town wants to see them again they have to meet his demands.

    Chapter 2

    The Hatton Corner adults are mourning the loss of their teenagers, when Robin makes a pledge with the other Titans to get them back safely. We are then given the origin of Mr. Twister.

    We find that Mr. Twister's ransom is a simple feather from the now extinct Passenger Pigeon. After hearing the origin the three Titans head out to search for the teenagers on the back of a giant manta ray.

    They come across the teenagers being held in slave labor by Mr. Twister. The Titans watch as the teenagers declare they miss their parents.

    Mr. Twister tells the teenagers he will be leaving, and their work should be finished by the time he returns. Not having enough power to fly, he jumps into a ship and heads to a vortex in the middle of the ocean.

    Robin jumps on the back of Mr Twister's boat to follow him. Meanwhile Kid Flash builds the tower the teenagers were told to build.

    Back with Mr. Twister, Robin follows him to the source of his power. After recharging his staff Mr. Twister sees Robin's shadow. The two fight, but Robin is over powered.

    Mr. Twister drops Robin's unconscious body back in town with a note demanding the feather. Back on the island with the enslaved teenagers, Aqualad notices the island sits on one small column, so he has a group of whales push the island to where Mr. Twister does not see it.

    Mr. Twister attacks the town in retaliation first with a huge dust cloud covering everything in sand, then with water, but with the help of a Narwhal whale he drains the water away. Then he uses fire. Kid Flash rushes to put it out but he and Aqualad are hit by lightning.

    Robin gets them to safety then drives a fire engine to Mr. Twister. He climbs up to Mr. Twister dodging the lightning attacks, and finally pulling the staff of power from Mr. Twister's hands. After he yanks the coat off, Mr. Twister falls.

    In the end, the adults and the teenagers all learn to live together, they build a clubhouse for the kids. Aqualad and Kid Flash learn that Robin is formidable even without superpowers.



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    Story Arcs

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    So right off the bat the easiest thing to notice is the hive mind that both the adults of the small town of Hatton has, as well as the teens. Not to mention the apparent war between them. It is this seemingly unfair war that is the catalyst of the books events. That and the bizarre coincidence that on the same day the Titans arrive in town so does Mr. Twister.Mr. Twister is the newest in the line of men who own the town. They charge a rent of one feather from a now extinct bird.When the rent was...

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