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    A couple of easy riders head out on the highway! Get ready for the most unlikely team of all so far: Supergirl and Lobo!

    Batman and Tharok, now merged into one being thanks to the Haruspex, stand motionless over La Dama as they adjust to their new circumstance. The Tharok side attacks her but Batman resists. Blue Beetle tries to restrain them and has his armor runs scans on them. The armor tells him that both beings are fully there even though only half of each is seen. Before he can learn more, the Fatal Five attack from behind. They demand the Haruspex weapon be turned over to them so they can get it to the Lord of Time. They begin to attack when the weapon isn’t handed over immediately, but, to everyone’s surprise, Validus attacks his own team. Batman explains to Blue Beetle that while he controls Tharok, he controls Validus. Tharok resists Batman’s control and while they have their mental struggle, Blue Beetle takes the Haruspex and tries to look for an “undo” button. Tharok/Batman comes from behind him and tries to take the weapon. Tharok is in control. Blue Beetle does the only thing he can think of and fires the weapon at them again, resulting in Tharok/Batman and the Haruspex weapon to disappear. Over his shoulder, La Dama congratulates him on killing Batman.

    Elsewhere in space, Supergirl and Lobo are having an arm wrestling match in the middle of a bar. Lobo wins and decides to buy drinks for everyone in the room. Supergirl tells him that it’s time to leave but he won’t listen. When one of the patrons takes him up on his offer for drinks, she punches him through a wall, discouraging anyone else from taking up her time. As she and Lobo walk out of the bar they find themselves transported to what looks like a hedge maze. Supergirl tries to get out but when she goes anywhere other than the path she gets transported right back. Lobo takes the lead and uses his tracking abilities to find a way out. When they make it out they are greeted by a man in purple robes. He says he’s the guardian of the Book of Destiny and he needs their help. He tells him the tale of what happened to the Book and they listen. He had once thought that the book contained all that had been or ever would be but one day he found a page that had four men who were not visible to him. Further study showed him that these men who “were not there” were changing things, rewriting reality, all throughout the book. He decided that these men who had caused the damage were the only ones who could fix it so he tried to get it to them. Without the Book the guardian seems to no longer be completely “there”, so he doesn’t remember how the men were supposed to fix it. He does remember though that him passing on the Book gave the Lords of Luck a chance to take it. Supergirl tells him that they did get the book and the guardian tells her that not only must she get it back, she must deliver it to the four men he was talking about. The bad news is, he doesn’t know who they are. The good news is, Batman and Hal Jordan do (or will).

    Supergirl gets Lobo to give he a ride to where they need to go and while they ride, she tries to convince him that she should read it. He says she shouldn’t but she still wants to. When they get to Rann and Lobo kicks her off his bike, she tells him that she let him with the arm wrestling match. He flies off frustrated and unbelieving and when Supergirl flies into Rann airspace, she’s shot at. She looks around to see why and finds Adam Strange and Hal Jordan fighting off hundreds of Thanagarians.

    In an unknown place, Batman/Tharox awakens. The bodies of the Fatal Five are around them and they seem to be in a room with some pretty advanced technology. Before they can really do anything, the Legion of Superheroes appears and tells them they’re on lockdown.


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    So, Batman has been merged with Tharok into a Terminator looking freak.  Supergirl is off across the galaxy with Lobo and the Book of Destiny is still lost. Let's start with Batman.  This Haruspex that mutated Tharok and Batman is causing some trouble.  This part left me just saying... huh?  I didn't see the point.  Why join them together.  I don't see what was gained.  I didn't feel it added to the story at all. Lobo and Supergirl are heading to the planet of Raan.  But Lobo wants to stop at ev...

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