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    One of DC's Only Saving Graces 0

    *SPOILER*  Continuing from the previous issue, the Legion of Substitute-Heroes (Night Girl, Fire Lad, Polar Boy, Stone Boy, and Chlorophyll Kid) are watching a news report about how the Legion of Super-Heroes and the Doom Patrol saved Earth from being destroyed by a black hole, by going back in time. The Subs come up with the idea of going back in time BEFORE the regular Legion did to destroy it first, in order to get some good credit as heroes in their favor.  The Subs sneak into Legion HQ, tak...

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    Review: The Brave and the Bold #35 0

    Consumed with childish jealous over the Legion of Super-Heroes' recent world-saving adventure with the Doom Patrol, the Legion of Substitute Heroes travels back in time with the sole purpose of trying to show them up. They bunge their mission, of course, and wind-up teaming up with the equally-lame Inferior Five.  The Good   Saiz's art is clean, appealing and it goes down easy, which is actually a harder act to pull than it sounds when it comes to comic storytelling. Although, I don't think the ...

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