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a Killer 3-some

This issue looks like it was casted by Paul Dini.  Hot chick and a sexy story.  You would think that this is just an issue for the ladies, but the guys can enjoy it too.  I had to explain the ending to my Girl Friend because she hasn't got around to reading The Killing Joke yet, even though I have the toy set in my toy display case.  
This is a very strong issue, it is a good read without knowing The Killing Joke, but it is better if you have.  Cliff Chiangs are is great on this issue.  Has enough playfulness to it without losing out on the sexiness of the story and character. It is a tightly written issue, no pages to me seem wasted.  This maybe the issue that makes a mostly non-marvel book kind of guy like me, finally see why DC picked up JMS.
So far this is the best of his Brave and Bold series and look forward to more of them.
So if you see this issue around, give it a try, its only $3 and is the best night out with three of DC's top ladies you'll have to night.

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