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Did these ladies party hardy or hardly at all in this review?

So in issue 33 of The Brave and the Bold, Wonder Woman, Zatanna, and Barbara Gordon decide to have a night out on the town. Zatanna wants this to be a very special night. The ladies tear up the town, hitting every night club that comes their way. As the night ends Barbara decides to go home. We find out that Zatanna had a premonition that something terrible would happen to Barbara. At the end we see the premonition was Barbara getting shot by the Joker at her apartment, which is The Killing Joke. The story I thought was amazing and it almost brought me to tears. Now on to the details. The cover was amazing. It was simple yet classy. It told us what was gonna happen in this issue. The cover was detailed and the ladies looked amazing. The penciling in this issue was good. At some points the penciling did get a little lazy, but not a critical issue. The coloring was very good. The colorist was Trish Mulvihill, which she did a great job because the colors were bright, but basic. The overall art was very good. I liked Cliff Chiang's work in this. The crossover between these three ladies worked perfectly. It was like an instant connection. My favorite page was page 17 panels 5,6. There was no combat so that can't be rated. I was thinking of dropping Brave and the Bold before this, but now I cannot wait for next issue. I am giving this issue 4.5 out of 5.


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You have convinced me to buy this issue. The day before the killing joke sounds fun and I can't wait to read it.

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