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I love this record but I can't see straight anymore 1

Warning: The image on the cover does not appear inside the comic (like you thought it would).  I like the idea of Brave and the Bold #33 Team up some of the DCU's finest female talent for a night on the town with a secret agenda. The only problem is that it's written like fan fiction. We don't find the reason for the team up until the last few pages of the issue but at that point it seems too little too late and you've already suspended your disbelief long enough to believe that Wonder Woman, Za...

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All The Single Ladies... 5

"The Brave and the Bold" has been a great addition to the pull list. It's refreshing to have a one-shot every month. These stories literally stand on their own amidst all the events and crossovers. Writer J. Michael Staczynski has really made this a quality book by focusing on putting two opposite heroes (or hero and villian) in a story that has a strong theme, moral statement, or point. This time, we get three heroines and away we go...THE GOOD:- Barbara Gordon Batgirl! It's a rare treat. - Cli...

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Did these ladies party hardy or hardly at all in this review? 1

So in issue 33 of The Brave and the Bold, Wonder Woman, Zatanna, and Barbara Gordon decide to have a night out on the town. Zatanna wants this to be a very special night. The ladies tear up the town, hitting every night club that comes their way. As the night ends Barbara decides to go home. We find out that Zatanna had a premonition that something terrible would happen to Barbara. At the end we see the premonition was Barbara getting shot by the Joker at her apartment, which is The Killing Joke...

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Girls Night Out for Wonder Woman, Zatanna, and Batgirl? 0

Normally I don't read The Brave and the Bold. However, when I saw the cover for this issue the Wondy/Bat Babs/Zatanna fan in me couldn't resist.   The art in this issue is simple yet elegant. I couldn't help but loosely associate it with Batman TAS as I read through it the first time. By no means was this in Timm's style, but the simple use of lines and curves did give a similar feel. There was one thing that did bother me with Chiang's art. In several panels it seemed as if the three main char...

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Saw this, Read it, Loved it 0

So Brave and the Bold isnt a book i get monthly, but after reading this issue, i have to say i'm adding it to my list.  This book, written by Straczynksi and amazing art by Chang, left me in awe and almost in tears.  It begins with Zatana having a seemingly meaningless nightmare but it turns out to be something more.  This leads to a Ladies Night Out (get it, haha) with Wonder Woman and Batgirl.  Now, when u first read ths book, you'll probably be wondering, whats the point? Well, as this issue ...

10 out of 12 found this review helpful. 0

 Its not very often a single issue comic really makes you feel something powerful. And its even less likely when you start off hating it.  I have always had a serious issue with men writing female-focused stories. Sometimes i feel like they just cant put themselves in a powerful womans shoes, and especially not an iconic powerful woman like Wonder Woman. its not something most men can manage, and i often feel like they shouldnt try. A perfect example of this is in this issue when WOnder Woman ac...

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The night before 0

I jumped on this book when JMS made his way off Thor and out of Marvel.  I wanted to experience what he could do with odd team up of DC heroes.  I have to say that I have enjoyed most of what he has done and this issue is one of the top 3 so far.  The concept of Zatanna having a premonitory dream that leads to a great night out on the town for this wonderful trinity of DC heroines.  It had some fun moments like a poor guy having his phone crushed but I guess he could have lost a piece of his man...

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With Friends Like These -- 0

I'm a sucker for stories that involve superheroes getting together in their secret identities and nowadays there seems to be fewer and fewer. Not only that, but issue #33 involves three of my favorite characters, Wonder Woman, Batgirl, and Zatanna. Without giving too much away, this story from the past shows the sorceress, Zatanna, insisting on a girls night out and it isn't until the very end that readers find out why and also how she confided in Princess Diana before hand. Zee's motiv...

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a Killer 3-some 1

This issue looks like it was casted by Paul Dini.  Hot chick and a sexy story.  You would think that this is just an issue for the ladies, but the guys can enjoy it too.  I had to explain the ending to my Girl Friend because she hasn't got around to reading The Killing Joke yet, even though I have the toy set in my toy display case.    This is a very strong issue, it is a good read without knowing The Killing Joke, but it is better if you have.  Cliff Chiangs are is great on this issue.  Has eno...

8 out of 13 found this review helpful.

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