The Brave and the Bold #30

    The Brave and the Bold » The Brave and the Bold #30 - The Green & the Gold released by DC Comics on February 1, 2010.

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    No evil shall escape Fate! As a man who makes his own rules, headstrong Green Lantern Hal Jordan isn't a big believer in fate... But he'll have to put his trust in the Doctor if either man expects to overcome this threat! It's another thriller from best-seller J. Michael Straczynski (Thor) and sensational artist Jesus Saiz!

    During the events of Justice League International #7,Volume 1, 1987, Doctor Fate(Kent Nelson) witnesses the Gray Man be erased by the Lords of Order, as easily as an exhale. This gets Doctor Fate to thinking that he too could easily be snuffed out. As fate would have it, Doctor Fate is approached by Hal Jordon. Doctor Fate takes this opportunity, unknown to Hal, to put a piece of himself into Hal's Green Lantern Ring.

    Years later, Hal is trapped on a hostile world,poisoned, and dieing. His ring has a very small charge left. He asks his Ring to locate a power source and the ring response is there is a power source detected with in the ring. This command releases the piece of Doctor Fate hidden inside the ring.

    The heroes discuss what happened to Kent Nelson years earlier when him and his wife died. Doctor Fate decides it was vain to send a piece of himself into the future to bring back news, so instead of going back to the past the piece, against Hal's wishes,he sends Hal safely to Oa. Fate then removes his helmet and knows he has done good before dissipating into nothing.

    Back in the past, the whole Doctor Fate, waits for his piece to return, but when it doesn't he realizes the errors of wanting to know the future and decides to live in the present.



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    I heard you had a little problem with yellow. 0

     J. Michael Straczynski, like so many comic book writers before him, has of late become almost a parody of himself. JMS once touted that like the Thor stories he had done at Marvel, he would make the Brave and the Bold a top ten selling title. Unfortunately, like The Twelve, Superman, and Wonder Woman, the B&B can counted as another title JMS dropped and abandoned for a more lucrative opportunity, like a hermit crab swapping for a more spacious shell. The nature of experimental anthology sto...

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